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How I voted


See my complete voting record for the 2022 legislative session here.




Focusing on an economy that works for working people. Discovering, testing and implementing viable opportunities through all available resources to increase Live, Work & Play (mixed development) concept within the district.

When we unite, organize and plan- together, we can address relevant concerns and everyone wins!"


Creating a tool that immediately interconnects short and long term social services for constituents; including educational, economic, and financial resources.


We can all agree, healthcare is essential and determining a system of providing healthcare for all is a primary focus of this campaign.

I am pro-choice and will always work and fight to protect reproductive freedom and choice for all people.
I’ll fight not only to protect Roe v Wade, but also for reproductive choice and reproductive justice as well,
ensuring that all people have access to quality affordable healthcare, contraception, and abortion

"Changing the dynamics at the state capitol is the only way to achieve fair representation. Having one Party as a majority in any form, is unhealthy and in no way does it represent the diversity or the needs of our communities.


Seeking solutions to reducing the daily risks we, as residents, children and students endure; fighting for safety and gun control laws that make sense and provides a balance of rights and lives. 


Senior exemption passed.jpg

One year after Rep. Taylor began advocating for an increased senior exemption, the legislation has passed. 

Seniors 65 years or older may now exempt 50k from the maximum 35k of their school board taxes.

Taylor worked with the Board to find a way to provide some relief to those who live on a fixed income but are impacted by the cost of living. 

"This is a great start to the mission:, states Rep. Taylor, Eventually, I would like to see that portion of the taxes eliminated for seniors 70 years and older.

HB 526 further revises the repeal of the Stand Your Ground law with regard to the arrest of certain offenders by private citizens. It provides when and to what degree force may be used to effectuate such arrest and provides that unauthorized arrests may be resisted; as well as when and to what degree force may be used to resist an unauthorized arrest by a private citizen.

Cleaning up the legislation that passed in 2021 makes the law crystal clear and provides additional remedies for those impacted.

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