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Focusing on an economy that works for working people. Discovering, testing and implementing viable opportunities through all available resources to increase Live, Work & Play (mixed development) concept within the district.

When we unite, organize and plan- together, we can address relevant concerns and everyone wins!"


Creating a tool that immediately interconnects short and long term social services for constituents; including educational, economic, and financial resources.


We can all agree, healthcare is essential and determining a system of providing healthcare for all is a primary focus of this campaign.

I am pro-choice and will always work and fight to protect reproductive freedom and choice for all people.
I’ll fight not only to protect Roe v Wade, but also for reproductive choice and reproductive justice as well,
ensuring that all people have access to quality affordable healthcare, contraception, and abortion

"Changing the dynamics at the state capitol is the only way to achieve fair representation. Having one Party as a majority in any form, is unhealthy and in no way does it represent the diversity or the needs of our communities.


Seeking solutions to reducing the daily risks we, as residents, children and students endure; fighting for safety and gun control laws that make sense and provides a balance of rights and lives. 


How I voted


See my complete voting record for the legislative sessions here.


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out-of-reach housing crisis.jpg

April first was the deadline to apply for the senior exemption sponsored by Rep. Taylor in Rockdale County.

Two weeks prior Rep. Taylor and Sen. Tonya Anderson sponsored a workshop with staff from the tax assessor's office and the tax commissioner's office to present, explain and assist with the applications. The attendance was amazing; more than 77 individuals came out for information or to sign up.

There is no final number of applications yet, but we're keeping our eye on things to see how many of our seniors took advantage of the $50k exemption.

HB627 removes the state prohibition on rent control.

This legislation repeals the Georgia code that prevents local governments from setting rent control policies and allow cities and municipalities to implement necessary policies to address inflated rental rates. This will give tenants more protection against rent hikes, improve housing stability and help to prevent displacement and homelessness. 

Affordable, safe, clean housing is a right and although every area of the state may not need some type of rent control, others areas indeed do. “For years, Georgia cities and municipalities have grappled with rising housing costs and a shortage of affordable homes, and the need for action is urgent,” said Rep. Taylor. “By allowing cities and municipalities to implement such policies, we can ensure that all residents have access to safe, affordable housing. Together, we can work towards a more just and equitable society.” 

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